Sunday, March 20, 2005

New revision posted

I've posted a new version of statVat. It is now 1.2.0. I've basically only added a status bar that displays some stats above the game listings. It includes your and your opponents QB Rating. The rating is the formula created for the NFL.

I'm contemplating new features, but I'm starting to hit a wall of creativity. I debated add a full fledged league administration feature. That would take considerable time to complete, and I'd have to charge a fee for the program. But I don't really know the level of interest in that type of program. Nor do I know if EA will get their acts together concerning online leagues. Hopefully they will.

It would be nice to get some suggestions from users.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

I joined an XBox league

After EA's initial failure at leagues, I thought I'd give them another shot. Seems as though they've fixed the issues, and I played my first game tonight.

I have the Cardinals, but I've won with them many times before. I'm not upset to have them. In fact their my real life favorite team. But let's be honest. The EA roster guys don't think much of them. Even their All-Pro DE Bertrand Berry is barely a 90 overall rating.

Needless to say, the game didn't go so well for me. I was able to have some success driving the ball, but I just couldn't finish the drives. Stupid mistakes by the players cost me big. Fumbled KO return. Safety blew his coverage against the RB. That's how it goes sometimes.

I'm looking forward to game 2.

As an example of what statVat can do for you, I've posted my league game stats here using a simple filter and the Export to HTML feature.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Major Revision / Update

I'm releasing a major update to statVat. Here are the details

Saw that I was recording the User Time of Possession wrong. Altered the way I'm storing it, which allows for me to provide an average on the Stats Average window. Also added a menu option in the Mouse Right Click event to "Fix Time of Possession". I will correct the game individually.

Add tons of new output for the "Export to HTML" feature. Now it exports all game detail with hyperlinks to browse to the games from the list. Be careful with this one right now. The file can get really big. I'm mapping out creating a mulitude of HTML files instead.

Changed the window layout. After much contemplation I decided to lose the MDI aspect and go with a single window. It's just much better on Windows that way. The window panes are resizable, and the program will remember their settings.

Added a registration feature. This is solely for contacting those that desire knowing when an update has been posted.

The "Make Filter" feature has a control array build issue. I'm surprised no one noticed. It is now fixed. Additionally, the "Contains" option was missing some qualifying characters. This is now fixed as well.

Added colorized list. If you don't like the color, or the fact that there is color at all, let me know. I'm not sure how this looks on windows as it handles colors quite differently than the Mac.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more to come.....


Friday, February 18, 2005

Softpedia rules it safe for use

I submitted statVat to, the definitive safe program download location, and they rated it safe for use on all OS platforms. You can even go there to download it.

Please visit the link and rate my application.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New bug reports and fixes

Thanks to all who submitted their paste errors. From your information I was able to identify two minor variations of game records. However, I believe these were related more to how your email systems read your email, rather than how EA composes them.

More specifically, in two cases hidden text was on lines that were suppose to be empty. My testing consisted of simply checking for text. I adjusted that test to look for specific text (the time). Another case was a result of corrupted Qtr Length value. I can't tell you why it was corrupted, but " Qtr Length: 1396789280 minutes" would be a very long game. LOL

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

First bug report

Thanks to PS2 Gamertag: Fly Dre Bly

He received an error informing him that his submission was invalid. He emailed me his stat email and I discoverd that PS2 email confirms have a very minor difference between Xbox's. I have patched the bug and the new version is available for download.

Version 1.0.1

Xbox: Rocket0Sauce

Tell me what you think

Add comments here to tell me and others what you think of the program. Leave your name and console/gamertag. Who knows, you may get quoted in the About window.

Xbox: Rocket0Sauce

Announcing the release of statVat 1.0

Well I've done it. I had a simple idea a couple weeks ago. Write a program that will store and display the game stats in the email EA sends out after each online game. After a lot of typing I'm at a point where I feel confident enough to release it to the public. I'll be "advertising" it on the VG Sport message board. Later I'll search around to find some other sites to add my link.

For now this will be the headquarters. I'm looking into a domain name and hoster. If you know of a good cheap/free ASP.Net hosting site post their URL here.

If you're here to download the application I hope you find it useful. Please read the User's guide before starting. Of course, come back and tell us what you think.


Xbox: Rocket0Sauce